Syrian Youth Empowerment

Syrian Youth Empowerment is an initiative to support the higher education of Syrian high school students by offering academic and career mentorship, along with free TOEFL and SAT support, to secure scholarships in universities in the North America, Europe, and the Middle East. As an organization founded and led by Syrian refugees who experienced firsthand the enormous challenges associated with continuing higher education both inside and outside of Syria, we are aware of the numerous barriers facing high school–aged Syrian students, and are eager to support them as they embark on the college application process.

We believe that such initiatives are so important at this moment to provide Syrian Youth with the help needed to build their future. Also, as members of the 41 Syrian students who have arrived at Illinois Institute of Technology we believe we have a responsibility and obligation to advance the dreams of others and to express our gratitude to so many who have supported us. As of January 2016, nearly 50% of those first enrolled at Illinois Tech will have graduated by Spring 2016, and we are working at the most prominent firms across the US.

Through the Syrian Youth Empowerment initiative, we will encourage secondary students in Syrian to reach out to us and we’ll be able to share our experience, the challenges we faced while applying to universities, how to prepare themselves to apply for internships during their school years; we will also be prepared to discuss any other details that can help each student to take a step further into building their future and securing and achieving their dreams.

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  1. Say that I get accepted by a university in the U.S, will you guys provide any financial aid ? like a place to stay and stuff like that

  2. thanx for your invintion i hope to accept me

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