Does SYE offer scholarships

No. SYE works closely with all students to prepare them to have a solid application to apply for admissions. scholarship. and financial aid packages from the schools that they are applying to.

Does SYE support students only in Syria?

While only SYE in Syria will be eligible to free TOEFL and SAT classes in Syria, all Syrian students all over the world are welcome to apply for the program.

Does SYE help in the visa process

SYE provides each admitted student a letter that confirms participation in the program to offer to visa officer in the embassy. However, we do not have any role or control over the visa process.

When should I start preparing to apply to U.S. universities?

Application deadlines for the academic year, which starts in the Fall, are usually around the end of December, and some around end of Jan or Feb. However, preparations could take anywhere between 3-9 months as you work on improving your English skills, taking required tests, and fulfilling application requirements. So to enroll in a school by Fall 2018, you will need to start preparing in the summer of 2017.

What are the requirements for U.S. universities?

First and foremost, English proficiency. Most U.S. universities require international students to take language proficiency tests like TOEFL, which tests your listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. Once that’s checked, universities will look into a variety of other fields to make sure you would be a good fit for their school. SATs, which measure your analytical skills and your ability to critically read and write. And your grades from high school (baccalaureate or 11th grade). Universities will also look into your life outside of school, your extracurricular activities, what sports or hobbies you have, what volunteering have you done, or any social organizations you are part of, and other indicators that you will be a good fit in their community. Recommendation letters are also required by schools from professors or mentors, and they come to strengthen your application. Remember that not all schools have the exact same requirements, as some might have more, but these are the general basis, and if you handle them one at a time, they will be a piece of cake.

 How to know if it’s too late to start applying?

It’s never too late to start your application (unless you are reading this in Dec, then let’s start preparing for next year!). Different students have different timelines, and preparation schedules. It is also never too early to start preparing, whether by actively practicing for the TOEFL/SAT, or by doing some reading and research on universities in which you might be interested.

What is the criteria for selecting SYE students?

SYE has a lengthy recruiting process. It starts with the main application, then a phone interview on the first selected round of students, then a potential Skype interview. Based on that, the selection committee will make the final decisions and inform accepted students.
Criteria include: academic standing, proficiency in English, extra-curricular activities, volunteering experience, ambition, commitment, character, willingness to help other Syrians.
Criteria do NOT include: religion, political affiliation, gender, or city

Are all accepted SYE students eligible for TOEFL and SAT classes?

All students in Syria are eligible for TOEFL and SAT Classes

Can I apply if I don’t live in Syria?

Yes. All Syrian high school students are eligible to apply regardless of their location.

Does SYE accept students who finished high school?

In some rare cases, SYE accepts students who graduated from high school the year before they are applying.

How are mentors chosen?

Mentors are carefully vetted and trained to help our students achieve their educational goals. They all have a deep understanding of both Syrian and American educational systems. They all speak Arabic and English.
SYE students are matched each with a mentor who best matches their educational goal, whether it’s related to the study field or the schools of interest for the applicants.

How many schools should I apply to?

SYE advises each student to apply for about 9 schools and divide them in 3 different tiers. We help each student craft their own list that fits his/her academic standing in order to optimize their chances of getting admissions and scholarships.
SYE has updated list of all scholarships offered by all American Schools to all international students in general and Syrian students in specific and we work with various universities, students organizations, and NGOs to ensure that we are aware of most new scholarship offerings.

How can I contribute?

There are multiple ways to contribute
1- Donate
2- Volunteer
3- Mentor
4- Partnership
5- Media
6- Fundraise

 How long is the mentorship program?

The mentorship is 6 months long and runs from July 2017 to January 2018

How many students I will work with?

Totally depends on your time capacity. Most mentors choose to have 1-2 students

Do I need to speak Arabic to be a mentor?

Most of our mentors speak Arabic and English fluently, so you can work out the communication with your mentor. However, very few mentors are more comfortable in English than Arabic, so if this is problematic for you, please let us know

Where can I find answers to my mentee’s question? (For Mentors)

SYE developed a curriculum which includes detailed timeline and content on topics you will discuss with your student. Topics like; SAT/TOEFL exams, tuition and scholarships, campus life, Common application process. Additionally, there is a WhatsApp group chat for the mentors. It is a great source to help find instant answers for your students’ questions.